Thursday, March 29, 2012

Alternative Acrylic Clear Cube Makeup Organizer

Today I would like to share what I have been up to lately. I've been looking at the Kardashian's Clear Cube for a while now but I could never bring myself to pay $300 for acrylic containers. I've also seen Amazon sell some Clear Cube dupes between $100 to $200 but that's still too much. So I decided that I would research and make myself an acrylic makeup storage at a lower cost. My acrylic makeup storage cost me only $68.40 included shipping. 

I first bought the Rubbermaid Office Solutions Optimizers from Walmart's online website for $31.47 plus .97 cents shipping to home. The dimension of this acrylic cube is 13" width by 13" height by 10" depth. This acrylic cube has 3 shelf slots, 2 containers that slides in & out, and an empty side slot with a dimension of 5.5" width by 3.5" height by 10" depth.

Next, I researched online for acrylic tray organizers that would fit inside the Rubbermaid's individual 3" height shelf. The closest fit I found was this acrylic Clear Divided Tray from The Container Store. It has a dimension of 12 1/4" width by 9 1/2" depth by 1 1/2" height. I bought 3 of them for a total of $29.67.

Photo credited to The Container Store website. 

...And here are the results! These acrylic trays can hold a lot but I don't like stacking my makeup. I prefer each cosmetic to be visibly seen because I don't like rummaging through my makeup but you can definitely stack more in if you want to.

I put some of my eye cosmetics in the first tray.

The second tray are just my blushes.

This third tray is just more face products too.

And finally the last level is where I store some of my makeup brushes in the trays. I also got this 24-Lipstick Acrylic Organizer from The Container Store too. It cost me only $6.29 for it.

This was so much fun for me to put an acrylic makeup organizer together. I always like to save money and I feel better knowing that I didn't spend that much to full fill my makeup/organizing hobby.

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  1. I love this! I am going to try this! I ordered a muji 5 drawer but I think this will be great along side it! The drawers you have brushes in..did they come w/the optimizer?

  2. Such a great idea! Looks great!!

  3. does all your makeup fit in these or do you have more stored somewhere else. I'm currently wanting to re-organize all my makeup, so i'm looking for ideas. I saw that you were previously using the Ikea Alex 9-drawer. Did you not like it, or why did that not work out. Would love to get your input. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for visiting. I still do keep most of my makeup in my Alex drawer but I find it hard to use or rotate my makeup if kept out of sight.

  4. Do you find the divided trays work better for you than just a tray without the dividers?

  5. I am so glad that I found this post. I kept coming across a makeup organizer that I loved the look of but definitely not the price at $395!!! I ordered the pieces just as you did and I can't wait until they arrive!

  6. Genius! Thanks for sharing--planning to order for myself!

  7. So smart... That's just what I was looking for!

  8. What a great alternative for the usual acrylic makeup organizers. I love it! <3

  9. Just finished organizing my makeup in this optimizer. Love it. My bathroom counter looks so much better.

  10. So nice!

    You can also organize your make-up drawers with cutlery trays, easy an inexpensive, you can check out here how it worked well with my Vanity:

  11. what a great idea. totally doing this, thanks boo <3 you save me so much money :D

  12. Great Idea! I just scored an acrylic palette holder at target in the office supplies for $4! Stay Sheek, Kayla


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